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PDF Studio 12 is a solid update of its all-in-one PDF editing software for macOS

By Aaron Lee

Qoppa Software’s PDF Studio 12 is a solid update of its all-in-one PDF editing software for macOS. The latest version adds features including PDF Imposition, Scanning Configuration, Excel to PDF Conversion, Page Resize, and 4K Display Support.

Pros in the prepress and print industry can use PDF Studio 12 to preview and rearrange pages in a PDF using the PDF Imposition Function. It supports all the different industry standard binding methods including 2, 4, & 8 up booklets, cut stacks, sequential, step and repeat. When combined with other existing features such as output preview, preflight and advanced printing options.

When users have to repeat scanning tasks throughout the day, storing all the various scanning settings in a Scanning Configuration will help save time. Scanning configurations can be started with a single click from the scanning menu and will keep information about the scanner to use, the color options, the DPI resolution, or even whether OCR should be perform on the scanned document.

In addition to Word to PDF conversion, PDF Studio 12 can perform Excel to PDF conversion. Opened Excel spreadsheets are converted on the fly to PDF. There are options to create a bookmark for each sheet and to define how the spreadsheet should fit on the page. Both Word to PDF and Excel to PDF are based on Qoppa’s own proprietary code and, thankfully, don’t require Microsoft Office to be installed on the machine.

The PDF Page Resize Function makes it as easy to set the new paper size, then position, scale and rotate the original page into the new page. New rich text annotations offer flexibility when formatting text to use multiple fonts and styles; plus, there’s enhanced support for multi-language character sets for our international users.

PDF Studio’s Optimizer function provides options for users to reduce the file size of PDF documents before sharing or publishing them. Images can be downsized and compressed, unused and duplicate objects removed, and data streams compressed. It is possible to save custom optimizer profiles and even to optimize a batch of PDF documents at once.

Architects and engineers will enjoy the PDF Overlay Comparison view, which allows visual comparison of drawings and blue prints by overlaying two documents and highlighting the differences using complementary colors. Users can switch back and forth between Overlay Comparison and Side by Side Comparison, and add annotations to both documents.

Researchers, writers and others professionals needing to publish PDF documents on the web will find it easy to convert PDF documents to HTML5 using PDF Studio. Qoppa’s new proprietary PDF to HTML5 conversion engine is fast accurate, as it takes advantage of the SVG format, natively supported by HTML5, and preserves vector graphics and advanced graphical features found in the original PDF.

PDF Studio 12 costs $89 for the standard version and $129 for the pro version. A demo is available for download; it requires macOS 10.7 or higher.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

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