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PDF Expert, Spark available for the Apple Vision Pro (via the iPad)

PDF Expert

Two of Readdle’s award-winning productivity apps – PDF Expert and Spark – are now available for the Apple Vision Pro via the iPad.

Here’s how the folks at Readdle describe the latest version of PDF Expert  (US$6.67/month or $139.99 one-time payment):

Not only will users be able to harness the full potential of PDF Expert, through Vision Pro they will also be able to explore our new BETA version of AI Chat (available cross platform), which marks the beginning of our journey into developing AI-powered tools.

What PDF Expert + Apple Vision Pro will bring to users: –

Effortless multitasking: Boost productivity by running PDF Expert alongside other essential apps, using Apple Vision Pro’s split-screen function. Streamline workflows and navigate documents in multiple windows.

Cross-device access: extend your workspace to Vision Pro using a dynamic PDF editing toolkit with all the features you need, like form filling, document signing, page management, annotation, and more.

Enhanced User Experience: Leveraging Vision Pro’s display, PDF Expert now boasts a refined user interface, maximizing usability and providing a visually immersive document management experience.

Here’s how the folks at Readdle describe the latest version of Spark (US$7.99/month or $59.99/year):


Spark has been optimized for Apple Vision Pro, offering a spatial computing experience that transforms how we work and collaborate on emails. 

Imagine emails that feel like they’re appearing right in front of your eyes. With Spark, you can draft and edit emails in an immersive, interactive environment, enhancing both individual productivity and team collaboration.

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