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Pad & Quill: Our sponsor, our friends, our inspiration

We are honored to introduce the Apple World Today readership to this week’s sponsor, Pad & Quill. 

Readers who followed us over from TUAW remember the array of handcrafted products that Pad & Quill has created over the years to protect our iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. Now the Minneapolis-based design firm is unveiling two new products designed for the youngest member of the Apple family: the Apple Watch.

It’s fitting that Pad & Quill focuses on the family of Apple products, as proprietors Brian and Kari Holmes (that cute couple in the photo above) often use family as an inspiration for the products the company creates. In the case of the US$69.99 Luxury Pocket Stand for Apple Watch (below), it was an Elgin pocket watch awarded to Brian’s grandfather that inspired a wooden stand onto which you’ll be proud to place your Watch each night to charge it up for another day of use. 

Once you get your hands on an Apple Watch, we know that you’re going to want to charge and protect your investment, even when you’re on the road. That’s why Pad & Quill developed the Luxury Travel Kit for Apple Watch ($119.99), which combines American full-grain leather and a soft cotton lining with a collapsible wood charging stand in a gorgeous kit that will be your traveling companion. 

The Luxury Travel Kit has a brother in this family of luxurious leather goods, and his name is the Luxury Travel Pouch for Apple Watch ($119.99). Like the Travel Kit, it protects your Watch with leather while cradling it in cotton. That same wood charging stand will hold you Watch at night as it charges, wherever you happen to travel.

The last member of the new quadruplets is the Roll Up Kit for Apple Watch ($49.99, below)), which combines value and beauty into a roll up leather case to carry your Watch on the road. There’s no wood stand, but there’s ample space for your charging cable and another strap. 

All of the new Apple Watch products will arrive in mid-May, but you can pre-order them right now! While you’re at it, be sure to check out Pad & Quill’s other handcrafted goods. Whether it’s the Luxury Book for iPhone 6 Plus or the sexy and functional Bella Fino wallet cases, the Valet Luxury Sleeve for MacBook or any of the sturdy and durable iPad cases, you’re sure to find something to love or to give to someone you love. 

Many thanks to Brian, Kari, and the rest of the team at Pad & Quill for putting their heart and soul into making the best accessories for your Apple devices. Thank them for their support of Apple World Today by visiting their site today and checking out the astounding line of products they create.

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