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Pad & Quill goes analog with Journals, Pens

With a name like Pad & Quill, you’d think the Minneapolis-based manufacturer of accessories for Apple (and other) products would be in the business of making notepads and pens. Well, now it is! The company has just introduced a line of high-quality journals (i.e., notepads) and a wooden-bodied rollerball pen called the Quill. Today I’ll be reviewing two of the Journal Notepads (Medium – $21.95, Small – $17.95). 

Why Journals?

For some reason, a lot of Apple fans also seem to love the act of writing journals or diaries. I keep mine in the amazing Day One app (for Mac and iOS), but for some people the act of keeping a journal means that they also want to make sketches or even paint on the page. That’s where the paper notepad fetish enjoyed by many Apple aficionados started.

I know a number of people in the Apple blogosphere who have stacks of notepads, primarily from two companies: Moleskine and Field Notes. I’m hopeful that they’ll now start adding Pad & Quill’s journals to the mix.

The Pad & Quill Journal Notepads are perfect for two styles of journaling: Brilliant Journaling and Bullet Journaling. Of course, you’re free to use your own personal method of keeping a journal.


Both of the Journal Notepads are similar, with a London Grey linen exterior and a choice of papers for the inside. One choice is for those who don’t want to be constrained by lines — it has blank pages — while the other has dot graph paper that help for drawing straight lines and writing straight as well. Personalization in the form of a three-initial stamped foil monogram is available for an additional $9.99.

The small Journal has 192 pages made of ink-proof (in other words, ink won’t leak through), acid-free recycled paper, and is 3.75″ x 5.25″ in size. The medium journal is identical in terms of the materials and number of pages, but is 5.75″ x 8.25″. 

Open the cover of either one of the journals and you’re greeted with a place to list your name and address. Two pages in you’ll find a blank table of contents, perfect if you’re handwriting a trip journal and want to be able to go directly to a specific page that highlights a specific place or time. Each page has a small number printed in the lower outside corner.

Like the Moleskine notepads, Pad & Quill provides an elastic band to keep the cover closed. The Smyth sewn binding of the journals helps to keep the pages flat when the notebook is open. There are two separate built-in bookmarks: one is white and the other is orange as a nod to Pad & Quill’s favorite charity, World Vision

Finally, there’s a cool little “folder” on the back cover where one can keep things like receipts, leaves, or business cards. 

The medium journal is perfect for day to day journaling, with plenty of space to write and draw. The small journal is just the size for slipping into a pocket to take notes anytime, anywhere. 


Pad & Quill’s new “Pads” have nothing to do with iPads or iPhones, but they’re a fine addition to this company’s lineup of high quality accessories. They’re a perfect gift and wonderful for personal journaling as well.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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