Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Paciolan announces support for contactless tickets in Apple Pay

Paciolan, a ticketing service provider for college athletics, has announced that college sports fans will be able to add contactless tickets to Apple Wallet and enter stadiums with just their iPhone and Apple Watch. 

The first schools to offer contactless tickets for the fall 2019 football season include Baylor University, Louisiana State University, Michigan State University, University of Mississippi, Georgia Tech, and Rutgers University. Students and fans can enter stadiums by simply placing their iPhone or Apple Watch near a reader, eliminating the need to search their pockets or worry about misplacing paper tickets. 

Providing NFC-enabled tickets is the next step in Paciolan’s comprehensive mobile ticketing strategy to help reduce fraud at the gate and assist colleges in better understanding who attends their games, according to Chief Technology Officer Keith White.

Phone and Apple Watch users will receive their purchased tickets via text message and can add them to the Apple Wallet with a single touch. Fans will receive a notification on their lock screen when they arrive at the stadium, giving them easy access to their tickets in Apple Wallet. 

Fans can then enter the stadium by placing their iPhone or Apple Watch near a reader. Contactless ticketing uses near-field communication (NFC) technology and works with handheld scanners, pedestals and turnstiles. Transferring or gifting tickets to friends and family can be done via the school’s official athletics website. 

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