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Organize your world with the Bluelounge CableDrop Multi

Bluelounge makes a lot of really useful little gizmos that make it much easier to keep your world organized. For example, the Posto keeps your headphones neatly stowed, the Cableyoyo is about the only way I know of to keep Apple’s earbuds from getting tangled, the Aaden is a much better battery recharger than Apple’s, and the Mika universal tablet stand is the only iPad stand I’ve kept around. Today’s new product from Bluelounge is the CableDrop Multi ($8.95 for two).

The idea behind this product is simple; you peel off a backing on the CableDrop Multi, stick it somewhere (back of a desk, on a desktop, on a refrigerator, to your dog…) using a strong 3M adhesive, and then it holds your cables firmly in place. Think of it as the ultimate organizer for all of those cables you are either using or just want to have out of the way.

That’s what I ended up using my CableDrop Multis for — organizing cables that I don’t often use but would rather not just put into a drawer where they’ll get tangled or lost. My office desk has a cabinet, and I installed the CableDrop Multis in there, then took those special cables and hung them up. The device is probably used more often as an organizer for cables that are running from the back of a Mac to other locations, but I found the “cable hanger” use case to be perfect for me.

These little guys come in black, white, or the neon-colored “bright” pack, and you get two for $8.95. For those of us who have problems keeping organized, the Bluelounge folks really know how to help.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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