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Only 19% of IT professionals believe Apple products are very to extremely vulnerable to Wi-Fi based attacks

Spiceworks has announced the results of a new survey that examines how businesses are securing their data and devices on corporate and public Wi-Fi networks. It revealed the perceived Wi-Fi risks associated with traditional computing devices is much lower, particularly among Apple products. 

Only about 19% of IT professionals believe Apple laptops, tablets, and smartphones are very to extremely vulnerable to Wi-Fi based attacks. This compares to 30% who believe Windows and Android devices are very to extremely vulnerable.

The Spiceworks survey show that IT professionals consider IoT [Internet of Things] devices the most vulnerable to Wi-Fi-based attacks, yet 50% of organizations have IoT devices connected to their Wi-Fi network. The findings indicate that although organizations are taking steps to increase Wi-Fi security, many IT professionals aren’t confident in their ability to keep corporate data secure on IoT devices.

Among IoT devices, 52% of IT professionals believe IP-enabled controllers, such as smart lights and thermostats, are very to extremely vulnerable to Wi-Fi-based attacks, followed by IP-enabled appliances (49%), video equipment (42%), and electronic peripherals (40%), such as connected projectors. 

Additionally, more than 35%of IT professionals believe wearables and sensors are highly vulnerable. However, according to Spiceworks research, only 36% of IT professionals are confident in their ability to respond to cyberattacks on IoT devices.

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