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Online security: How to Choose the Right VPN Based On Your Location

Securing and transferring sensitive corporate information is a critical task for businesses. How to maintain security when employees work remotely is a question faced by all organizations that have adopted enterprise mobility. While the internet has several advantages including cloud services, its security threats cannot be ignored.

To improve the security of the Internet connection, the VPN – Virtual Private Network technology was created. It encrypts all transmitted data and hides the IP address of the sender from fraudsters. In addition to ensuring that confidential information is hidden, using a VPN, you can access restricted content in a specific region.

There are options that are optimal for certain regions and for different purposes. Today we are going to talk about how to choose the right VPN depending on your location and achieve secure data transfer.

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Why choosing the right VPN is so important

A VPN server affects data transfer speed, security and privacy, and access to restricted content. Regardless of the purpose of implementing the technology, if it is selected correctly, you will be able to achieve the desired result. The main characteristic to consider when choosing is the location of the VPN server.

Where to find the best VPN server address

To find the best VPN server address, look for countries where there is no censorship or bans on certain content. It is also important that it is close to where you are. The connection speed through the technology will depend on the distance between your connected device and the VPN server. It is best to choose a neighboring country, but only if other important aspects apply as well.

Top countries to connect to technology

The country should be chosen based on 5 factors that it must fully satisfy:

● lack of barriers to access;

● a large selection of Internet providers;

● no restrictions on content;

● availability of protection of users for their intellectual property and personal opinion;

● the presence of the ability to publish your own content.

It is important to understand whether this or that content is legal in your country. If not, then it is better to choose a VPN server from Switzerland to connect to it. To access any content and ensure data security, choose a server connection from Germany, Canada, the UK, Estonia, or Iceland.

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Other factors important when choosing

In addition to choosing the optimal country, there are a number of other factors that are important for making a decision.

Support service

It is very important that the VPN server has its own 24/7 customer support. This will allow you to resolve all issues related to the connection at any time. In addition, the call-center employees will advise in case of errors while working with the technology.


A VPN must deliver a secure connection and strong protection for your data. If the application cannot guarantee this, you should not use it, otherwise, it will not be responsible for the leakage of confidential data. VPN must provide comprehensive protection, i.e. even if someone wants to track your steps, they will not be able to do it. For example, accessing a Netflix site that is restricted in many countries requires high-level encryption.

Server quality and speed

Much depends on the speed of your VPN connection. After all, no one wants to download a file for several hours. It is important that the speedfully meets your expectations. Most often, high-speed connection is present in high-quality applications. Study the main ones and choose the one that suits you. Do not be afraid to connect to different servers and check their quality in practice.


For many, the cost of technology is important. 41% of US residents use free VPNs but often face technical issues. Remember, if you want a high-quality, high-speed, and secure connection, it won’t be cheap. When choosing, proceed from the number of connections through your server. That is, if you have a large company and all employees need a VPN, you will have to resort to more expensive applications.

More often than not, the average monthly subscription cost is only $ 5-10. Better VPNs that offer a refund guarantee, are faster and more secure and offer a free trial starting at $ 15.

But there are options with an inexpensive subscription and great features. Rate SurfShark review on, this might be exactly what you were looking for.


Before choosing a VPN, pay attention to whether it is compatible with your devices, provider, and operating system. Some applications may not suit you for these reasons.


The use of a VPN has become a must for many areas of business today. Even ordinary users often resort to technology to gain access to restricted content or to protect their sensitive data. According to research, due to the pandemic, the demand for technology has grown by 27.1%.

To protect yourself from fraudulent attacks, look for the optimal VPN server based on the following criteria: the country providing the connection, the availability of support services, the quality and speed of the connection, as well as the cost and compatibility with devices.

Do not download the application from dubious sites under any circumstances. Use proven platforms, and before choosing, conduct a detailed analysis to meet your expectations.

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