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One of Apple’s Top-Rated Apps is a PDF Editor: Here’s Why

If you’ve ever had to review important contracts or deal with legal documents, it’s highly likely you’ve had to work with PDF documents. That’s because PDFs represent original documents faithfully, utterly independent of whatever hardware, operating system, and application software used to create it. In other words, you get an accurate version of the document— regardless of the device you use. Unfortunately, that can mean they’re notoriously challenging to work with— any modification makes for an unfortunate amount of backend work and frustration if you’re trying to send out a file or contract under a tight deadline. 

The reason text might not be searchable in the PDFs you’re working with, or you can’t do more than basic editing, is because you might not have something called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. While “free” versions of OCR software exist, they almost always come with sneaky in-app purchases or only offer a severely limited service unless you pay for an upgrade. 

If you want a great PDF editor and OCR, you need to pay a little something upfront, and PDFpenPro offers the best bang for your back. This highly rated, all-purpose PDF editing software lets you securely OCR with accuracy and edit documents quickly and easily on your Mac and comes with a host of paid features standard. How good is it? You can try it out and see for yourself right now for free.

If Preview is insufficient and Adobe Acrobat is too complex, PDFpenPro is perfect. This app’s intuitive interface lets you edit PDF documents with fidelity, including adding text and signatures, making any necessary corrections. Effortlessly build cross-platform interactive forms complete with text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, signature fields, and more. Need the document in another format for extended editing or archiving? Use PDFpenPro to export documents to multiple formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF Archive. 

This exceptional app is also perfect for any research-based project, or design tasks. You can highlight text, include notes and comments and export your list of annotations as reference. PDFpenPro lets you go even further by quickly turning entire web pages or websites into a PDF—complete with clickable links—so your clients (or professors) can visualize the results of your efforts, or dig through the materials themselves. With the portfolio tool, you can turn multiple PDFs into a single, manageable package— a huge benefit for anyone who has to work with request for proposals (RFPs) or any other intensive document-compilation process. Some PDF editors don’t even offer these features. With PDFpenPro, they’re included for one price.

PDFpenPro gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere. You can use it with iCloud and Dropbox as options for seamless cloud-based editing, allowing you to get more done without interrupting your routine. While you’re on the go, you can easily edit the OCR layer on scanned pages, adjust resolution, redact personal information, sign, fill-in forms, and so much more— no need for a scanner, printer, or pen and paper. Whether you need to make extensive or straightforward edits, extract pages or combine documents, record and playback audio annotations or edit document permissions to ensure document integrity, PDFpenPro features an extensive list of editing tools that give you the freedom to modify a PDF, just the way you want. All for no additional charges. 

This app is so user-friendly, they even offer in-product resources like tooltips, a searchable Help menu, and extensive documentation to help you get the most out of it. Can’t find an answer or need creative suggestions? PDFpenPro’s support team provides clear resolutions, generally within a turnaround time of 24-hours or less. 

PDFpenPro’s comprehensive feature set provides a robust and reliable PDF editing solution for Mac-based professionals. Check out the full list of features here — and sign up for the free trial here.

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