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NVMe Enclosure is great for taking your SSDs on-the-road

Plugable’s 10Gb USB-C (USB 3.1 Gen 2) NVMe SSD Enclosure is, as far as I can tell, the first high performance NVMe enclosure to feature a completely tool-free, spring-loaded design for inserting and removing a compatible SSD. It’s compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux systems.

The $49.95 NVMe SSD is slim enough that it’s easy to take on-the-road. It also boasts some effective thermal management features and an aluminum body that facilitates heat dissipation. This helps improve performance and extend the lifespan of the device.

I haven’t verified this, but the folks at Plugable say that, by dissipating heat while in-use, the USBC-NVMe allows SSDs to maintain high-speed transfers (up to 10Gbps) possible with the latest USB 3.1 Gen2 technology. 

The Plugable USB-C NVMe Enclosure allows you to open the enclosure using a slide-lock, then carefully (hey, SSDs aren’t cheap) aligning the NVMe notch into the socket, and securing it in place with a tensioned rubber peg. Once the SSD is secured, you just slide the cover back into place, and it’s ready for use. 

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