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Notable apps and updates, Sept. 30-Oct. 5

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they’re popular and deserve mention. Here are this week’s picks.


Swamp Dog has launched WhoDo iPad 1.0, a contact records creator for the iPad. 

It creates new contact records directly from raw text. There’s no form to fill out, and no text fields to map in order to import the information. Text can be generated by using the keyboard, the clipboard, or the microphone. The app extracts personal data from raw text and automatically converts it into a contact record right on the iPad.

WhoDo iPad 1.0 is free and is available at the Apple App Store. In-app purchases are available to enable licenses for each repository or all repositories, either as a one time purchase, or as a three-month subscription.

MeisterApps has debuted ControlMeister for Samsung Smart TV. The free app allows a Samsung TV owner to turn their iPhone or iPad into a remote control. 

The folks at MeisterApps say the biggest advantages over the factory remote control are the touchpad and keyboard features. With a swipe of the finger it’s possible to change channels, volume and adjust menu settings.

Kalank has debuted TokoToko, the first episode of its augmented reality mobile title for iOS devices. 

With the $2.99 app, you can watch drawings “leap off the page and onto phone screens.” TokoToko is delivered in three episodic parts. Draw onto paper and watch your drawings appear as interactive objects on the screen for the characters of the game to use in order to solve puzzles.

Robots and Pencils has rolled out Arfiti, a free augmented reality app. The firm’s latest FunLabs experiment seeks to create an augmented world created by users, that lets them leave their mark on the world.

Users can digitally tag any surface with their personal images or pre-populated stickers from the app and save it for others to discover. A map function prompts users to discover nearby creations that others have designed and more.


Nisus Software has released Nisus Writer Express 4, an update of its writing app for macOS. 

New features in version 4 include an updated full screen view, focus mode for the active line and paragraph, typewriter scrolling, a redesigned user interface and palette system, cloud sync for almost all settings, icons updated for Retina displays, and other fixes and enhancements.

Nisus Writer Express 4 is available at the Nisus store and the Mac App Store for $26. An upgrade version is available from the Nisus store for $20. An academic version is also available.

Ergonis Software ( has released PopChar X 8.7, Typinator 8.2, and KeyCue 9.5, making the productivity utilities ready for macOS Catalina. 

PopChar X 8.7 adds support for Unicode 12.0, including the new Emoji 12 characters, KeyCue 9.5 enhances package detection in folder views, and Typinator 8.2 offers faster Quick Search results when many items match the search term. 

Upgrades and new licenses can be purchased securely at the Ergonis Software online store. The upgrades to the newest versions are free for anyone who owns a valid license for the most recent major version (that is, Typinator 8, PopChar 8, and KeyCue 9). 

Upgrade paths are available for owners of older licenses. All purchases (new and upgrades alike) include all subsequent minor upgrades at no additional cost. For information about purchases, including enterprise licenses, volume discounts, and upgrade pricing offers, see the company’s web site.

Insider Software has released FontAgent 9.5 for Macintosh. The software integrates diagnostics, repair, font selection, font book creation, and design tools and more. 

Version 9.5 adds support for the upcoming macOS Catalina as well as faster activation, faster syncing and more robust tagging to the lengthy list of features added in Version 9. The new features are designed to help you organize, categorize, activate and visualize your fonts using FontAgent’s modern, customizable interface.

A new, perpetual license for FontAgent 9.5 is priced at $99 per user. FontAgent 9 users can update to version 9.5 at no charge. FontAgent 8 users can purchase 9.5 upgrades for $59 or opt for a FontAgent Sync subscription for $59 a year. 

The Sync license includes free software upgrades and support and lets you archive and share fonts with others through cloud services provided by Insider. For more information about FontAgent 9.5 and Sync, visit Free 30-day trials are available for download at Insider Software online.

Bare Bones Software has released BBEdit 13.0, a new version to its professional strength text and code editor. Ready for macOS Catalina, it brings more than 100 new features, changes, and improvements.

A 30-day, fully featured demo version of BBEdit is available for download. At the end of the evaluation period, it will continue to run with a permanent feature set that includes its editing capabilities, but not its web authoring tools or other exclusive features. Registration for new users is $49.99. 

Owners of BBEdit 12 can upgrade for $29.99. Owners of BBEdit 11 or earlier can upgrade for $39.99. New licenses and upgrades are available directly from the Bare Bones Software online store.

Anyone who purchased BBEdit on or after May 1, 2019, is eligible to receive a free upgrade, while all eligible customers who purchased directly from Bare Bones Software will be notified automatically via email. BBEdit 13.0 requires macOS 10.14.2 or later.

Feral Interactive says The Hunter & The Beast, DLC for the epic fantasy strategy game Total War: WARHAMMER II, is out now on macOS and Linux. 

It features two new Legendary Lords: Markus Wulfhart, who leads the Huntsmarshal’s Expedition (Empire), and Nakai The Wanderer, who leads the Spirit of the Jungle (Lizardmen). Each brings his own faction mechanics, quest-chains, legendary items, skill-trees and campaign narrative.

The Hunter & The Beast, DLC also adds new ranged units, mobile gunpowder batteries and fabled Hunter Heroes for the Huntsmarshal’s Expedition. There are also new Dread Saurians, the largest beasts to walk the world of Total War: WARHAMMER II, plus new Kroxigors, Razordons and Rites for the Spirit of the Jungle.

The Hunter & The Beast DLC is available now from the Feral Store and Steam for $8.99.

Zevrix Solutions has announced Output Factory 2.4.2, a maintenance update to company’s output automation tool for Adobe InDesign. 

Output Factory automates printing, exporting and preflighting from InDesign. The app helps users eliminate repetitive tasks and avoid costly by offering batch processing, layer versioning, variable file names and other time-saving features. Version 2.4.2 enables the option to update modified links to process images in all chapters of InDesign book files in the queue.

Output Factory can be purchased from the Zevrix website for $170; “lite” version is available for $120. A demo is available for download. The update is free for the users of Output Factory 2.x, and $85 to upgrade from Output Factory 1.x and BatchOutput. Output Factory requires macOS 10.8-10.14 and Adobe InDesign CS5-CC 2019.

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