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Notable apps and updates: June 25

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they’re popular and deserve mention. Here are today’s picks.


Opera has launched a new version of its free web browser (Opera 77 codenamed R5) for Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. It improves the experience around video calls with Zoom, Teams or Google Meet in the browser.

There’s a new video conferencing popout feature. Video conferencing popout pops the video out of the tab and keeps it on top of other tabs. This happens automatically whenever you’re switching to another tab and video pops in when you switch back to the video call tab. The behavior can be adjusted in settings. There’s also an option to make the floating window transparent.

With the new R5 release, the tab with the active video call is also now marked with a red bar to make it easier to spot. And if you still get lost in a sea of open tabs and browser windows, you can use the CTRL+space keyboard shortcut and find it using a keyword. And if you forgot about a tab that was recording from your microphone? Opera will indicate it too.

A new Pinboards feature is a virtual pinboard that lets users collect websites, images, links and notes in visual form and share them with others, regardless of the device they access it from. Sharing a pinboard involves simply sharing a link, and those who it’s shared with can view everything the pinboard owner posts, as well as react with emojis.

Smile has released PDFpen and PDFpenPro 13.1, an update to the PDF editing tool for macOS. 

With it users can add signatures, text, and images, make changes and correct typos, OCR scanned docs, fill out forms, and more. They can mark up documents with highlighting, underscoring and strikethrough. Version 13.1 adds faster document scrolling and drawing, additional default sidebar modes, updates OCR engine with Apple Silicon support, offline PowerPoint and PDF/A export for pro users.

PDFpen requires macOS 10.14 or higher. It retails for $79.95. PDFpenPro for is $129.95, and Office Pack licenses start at $249.95 for PDFpen (five users) and $374.95 for PDFpenPro (five users). Upgrades from earlier single-user versions of either application are $35, and free for users who purchased on or after January 1, 2021. 

Upgrades from any previous single-user version of PDFpen to PDFpenPro 13.1 are $50. Site licenses for PDFpenPro costs $1,699.95. Upgrade pricing for Office Packs is available in the Smile web store.

Zevrix Solutions has announced Package Central 1.11.22, a compatibility update to company’s file packaging automation solution for Adobe InDesign. 

Package Central collects InDesign documents automatically from watched hot folders. The app serves unlimited users on a network and offers variable file names, email notifications, PDF export, and more. Version 1.11.22 adds native support for Apple’s M1 processor. This enables users to run Package Central on their Silicon Macs without hardware emulation.

Package Central can be purchased for $149.95 from the Zevrix website. A demo is available for download. Package Central requires macOS 10.9-11.0 and Adobe InDesign CS6-2021.


The Scanner App has released a new update. Now, in addition to simply scanning your documents, users can add photos from their gallery or iCloud. This is a very convenient upgrade because in this way you can easily scan absolutely all of the documents that you have done throughout your life.

Developers improve their app every month, which allows users to enjoy a better app. They wait for user feedback and go to meet them when they ask for something or point out a problem. The Scanner App is incredibly convenient, because there are a large number of different functions, ranging from simple scanning to calculating the size of an object, whether it’s just a room or a new bedside table for your offic

iScanner is free, but does offer in-app purchases.

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