Notable apps and updates: July 23

Apple has released Safari Technology Preview 196.

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they’re popular and deserve mention. Here are today’s picks.


Apple has updated the Safari Technology Preview. Among other enhancements it includes an updated tab bar first revealed with macOS Monterey.

Safari Technology Preview offers a sneak peek at upcoming web technologies in macOS and iOS. You can experiment with these technologies in your websites and extensions. Safari Technology Preview is a standalone app that works side-by-side with the current version of Safari, so you can continue to use and reference the current release.

Synology has released C2 Password, a secure credentials management solution and digital safe for private data. 

Designed with security and privacy in mind, its zero-knowledge encryption design ensures that only authenticated users themselves can access their sensitive data. More than just a password manager, C2 Password has built-in support for secure file storage, sharing, and more planned in the future.

The free plan for C2 Password is available today. Get started by logging in with your Synology Account.

Dennis Sellers
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