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Notable apps and updates, Aug. 10-15

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they’re popular and deserve mention. Here are this week’s picks.


MacPlus Software has released ActiveDock 2 for macOS, an update of the Apple Dock replacement. The utility allows grouping of documents and apps, with quicker switching between apps and windows. Mac users can manage windows right from the Window Previews panel.

ActiveDock 2 allows you to drag and drop any elements to it from the Finder. You can arrange items with drag and drop. You can set your own icon for any element, start a menu for launching apps and a favorite folder, and create your own design themes. ActiveDock 2 also adds multiple-monitor support and the ability to place the app anywhere on your Mac’s screen.

For the month of August, ActiveDock 2 for Mac is available for the promotional price of US$24.99 instead of $35.99 on the MacPlus Software website with coupon PRMACAUGUST2020. 

Zevrix Solutions has released Output Factory 2.4.28, a feature update to the company’s output automation solution for Adobe InDesign. 

The utility is designed to solve the problem of time consuming manual output production from InDesign through automation of printing, exporting, preflighting and other repetitive tasks. Version 2.4.28 addresses a bug in recent versions of InDesign in which invisible documents could remain open after processing. Output Factory utilizes invisible output to dramatically streamline and speed up exporting of large file batches. 

Version 2.4.28 also ensures that InDesign always exports the expected document in the batch regardless of the remaining invisible windows. In addition, the new version improves memory management and fixes some minor licensing issues.

Output Factory can be purchased from the Zevrix website for US$170; there’s a “lite” version for $120. A demo is available for download. The update is free for the users of Output Factory 2.x, and $85 to upgrade from Output Factory 1.x and BatchOutput. Output Factory requires macOS 10.8-10.15 and Adobe InDesign CS5-2020.


The world of zoos, animal care and conservation comes to life in Zoo Guardians, a new mobile game launched today by the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute in partnership with JumpStart Games. It’s free and available to download in the App Store.

Zoo Guardians invites children and animal lovers starting at age 9 to build their own zoos, care for animals, complete quests and interact with realistic 3D representations of wildlife via augmented reality. As players expand their zoos, they learn from Smithsonian animal experts and conservation scientists how to help animals thrive under human care and in their native habitats. 

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