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Nomad taking pre-orders for Pod and Stand Apple Watch accessories

A relative handful of people have been able to wrap an Apple Watch around their wrists, but that’s not keeping accessory manufacturers from working on clever and useful gizmos to keep your Watch protected and charged. Nomad has announced two products for the Watch. First up is the US$59.99 Pod, which combines a niche for the Watch’s magnetic charging pad, a spool to wrap the cable around, and an 1,800 mAh battery pack into one sleek package. The company is also touting the $59.99 Stand for Apple Watch, a sleek aluminum stand for charging your smartwatch.

The Pod comes in three different finishes to accent your Watch — space grey, silver, or matte black. The hockey puck-shaped device has a dimple in the center into which the charging pad slips, surrounded by a spool to wrap the cable around. The battery pack takes up most of the center of the device, along with a USB port to plug the cable into. There’s a button for checking battery level and turning the charger on and off, as well as five LEDs display the level of charge. And here’s something different — you can plug either a micro-USB or Type C USB cable into the Pod to charge it up. One charge of the Pod is enough to charge your Watch four times.

The Stand is a gorgeous piece of sculpture machined out of aluminum in silver or space grey. It’s designed to hold your Watch while it is charging, with a groove along one side to hold the cable and a hidden nook for the charging disk. A solid piece of copper in the base holds everything in place, while a rubber pad keeps the Stand from sliding.

Both the Pod and the Stand are available for pre-order, with the Stand shipping April 30 and the Pod shipping June 15. The company is making initial production run of 5,000 units for each accessory, with about 800 of each sold sight unseen. Apple World Today will be reviewing the Nomad Pod and Nomad Stand for Apple Watch as soon as possible.

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