No, wait, Apple IS still planning an Apple Watch with micro-LED display

No, wait, Apple IS still planning an Apple Watch with micro-LED display.

Last week there was a rumor that rumored Apple Watch Ultra with a microLED display has apparently been canceled. Now, reports from ETNews and DigiTimes deny this, saying that Apple still has multiple internal teams dedicated to microLED projects and is actively seeking alternative suppliers. 

ETNews says that Apple has put considerable effort into the development of micro-LED displays for more than a decade, starting with the acquisition of LuxView in 2014. If, as reported, OSRAM is no longer developing a micro-LED display for Apple, “it may have been replaced due to a drop in performance, and Apple may have already found a replacement for Taiwan or China, which is ahead in the micro-LED field,” notes the report.

Taiwan’s AU Optronics (AUO) and PlayNitride are said to be among the prospective frontrunners to fulfill Apple’s production needs, according to DigiTimes. AUO has just begun mass production of microLED watch display panels, while PayNitride is mass producing related chips.

Dennis Sellers
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