No, Apple won’t merge the iPhone 16 line-up with an iPhone SE

No, Apple won’t merge the iPhone 16 line-up with an iPhone SE.

Apple leaker Majin Bu has tweeted that it seems Apple might merge the iPhone 16 lineup with the SE lineup. The Sellers Research Group (that’s me) says this won’t happen. 

From Bu’s tweet: Based on what is reported in this image of which I have no information on the source, it seems that Apple is working on an iPhone 16 SE, a 16 Plus SE which could be positioned in the lower end of the market, from what has been described the devices seem to have the dynamic island and only one camera, the screen remains at 60hz and the battery will be reduced. It also seems that in the central segment of the market the much more inviting iPhone 16 will be positioned with a 120hz screen, 2 cameras and improved battery. Finally, as top of the range there could be the pro models with all the various top of the range features. I am quite skeptical about what I have reported, in fact I invite you seriously not to lose this information, however I would like to underline that there is actually an iPhone model being tested with a dynamic island, a style similar to the iPhone XR and colors similar to the iPhone 15. Previously I thought it was the new iPhone SE, however now I have some doubts about it. I repeat once again not to take this post too seriously, however I will investigate this new information

As I’ve said before, I’m doubtful that we’ll see a next generation iPhone SE.

Dennis Sellers
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