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Nexx releases the Nexx Smart Alarm that works with Siri-enabled devices

Nexx has released the US$129.99 Nexx Smart Alarm that transforms any home/office alarm system into a smart alarm system. It works with any Siri-, Alexa-, and Google-enabled device.

The Nexx Smart Alarm allows users the power to arm, disarm, and self-monitor their home security by using the alarm system that’s already installed in their homes. According to the folks at Nexx, it transforms a standard alarm system to a smart system, while allowing you to keep the existing alarm features that you like.

The Nexx Smart Alarm allows one or more users to arm and disarm an alarm, and monitor it from anywhere in the world. It works with existing modern alarm systems, including First Alert, DSC, Honeywell, and ADT. Open, close, or monitor using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, as well as Android, iOS and SmartThings.

Nexx Smart Alarm utilizes the latest encryption technology with U.S.-based cloud servers for added security and peace of mind. It’s also portable, so you can uninstall it and take it with you. 

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