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Nextdoor: Getting to know your neighbors with an app

The days of everyone in a neighborhood knowing and helping each other are over. Nowadays, especially in the suburbs, it’s common for neighbors living right next to each other to not know each other’s names. Nextdoor is a free iOS app that’s attempting to turn this sad state of affairs around by using an easy-to-use social network to chat with neighbors. 

I’ve been using Nextdoor for about six months on my iPhone and have found it to be extremely useful to find out what’s going on the neighborhood where I’ve lived for 33 years. You load the app, let it determine where you live, and then choose the neighborhoods besides your own that you wish to get information about. If there are neighbors near you who isn’t using the app, you can request to have up to 50 postcards sent out asking neighbors to sign up the free service.

App Eminence has debuted Avoid the Void 2K18. The free (for a limited time) game  challenges players to swipe their finger to guide the blue ball in collecting the fish. Avoid the black void to stay alive. Collect as many fish as possible and challenge yourself to see if you can become the greatest player the universe has ever seen.

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