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News round-up: iMac Pro with 256GB of RAM is build-to-order option only (and more)

Since Steve and I can’t cover everything, at the end of each week day, we’ll offer this wrap-up of news items you should check out.

Last week, Apple added a 256GB RAM configure-to-order option for the iMac Pro. However, if you already purchased an iMac Pro with 128GB of RAM or less, upgrading to 256GB isn’t an option. MacRumors reports that it’s a build-to-order option only.

As noted by AppleInsider, people attending Washington Nationals baseball games during the 2019 season will be able to both preorder food and get it delivered to their seats, in each case with Apple Pay as an option.

Apple has posted a funny video about privacy and the iPhone Xr on its YouTube channel.

A leaked internal document obtained by Motherboard claims that Apple is capable fo implementing right-to-repair legislation.

An article at The Verge says Apple isn’t following its own advertising rules when it comes to the new Apple News+.

Consumer spending in mobile apps across both Apple’s App Store and Google Play will grow by 120% to reach $156 billion worldwide by 2023, according to a new report from app store intelligence firm, Sensor Tower. 

Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett was skeptical of Apple’s recent push into streaming video content in an interview on CNBC. “I’d love to see them succeed, but that’s a company that can afford a mistake or two,” Buffett said when asked about Apple’s recent push into the entertainment business.

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