News items you should check out: March 25

Since Steve and I can’t cover everything, occasionally we’ll direct your attention to articles from various other sources worth your time.

° Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Mac OS X (now macOS) and Jason Snell has two must-read articles about the operating system over at Macworld: “An act of desperation 20 years ago was the building block for the modern Mac” and “From Aqua to Catalina: The evolution of Mac OS X.”

° The Arizona State Senate was scheduled to vote an unprecedented and controversial bill on Wednesday that would have imposed far-reaching changes on how Apple and Google operate their respective mobile app stores, specifically by allowing alternative in-app payment systems. But the vote never happened, having been passed over on the schedule without explanation, reports The Verge

° Proton Technologies founder Andy Yen has written an open letter that claims Apple is standing “in the way of human rights.” As noted by 9to5Mac, the core issue is Apple not approving a ProtonVPN iOS app update that comes amid the turmoil in Myanmar.

° Apple has posted a new ad on its YouTube channel touting the benefits of the Ceramic Shield glass used in the iPhone 12.

° Say what?! A week after launching a major ad campaign against Apple silicon Macs, Intel’s CEO now wants to court Apple’s chip-making business.

° Politico reports that France’s CNIL data protection authority has “cast doubt” on Apple’s compliance with EU privacy rules. Last week, the country’s competition authority ruled in Apple’s favor in a case over its new anti-tracking tool.

° Apple has updated its security guidelines for its manufacturing partners,implementing tougher measures at factories to prevent leaks, according to The Information.

° A UK teenager has suffered a facial burn after her iPhone charger caught fire while she was in bed, according to Birmingham Live.

° A sister and brother have admitted over-ordering hundreds of new MacBooks for “a private university” in Silicon Valley to steal and sell the expensive gear for millions of dollars, per The Register.

° As we previously reported, Marvel star Tom Hiddleston is to join the cast of “The Essex Serpent,” a period drama series for Apple TV+, starring Claire Danes.

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