Thursday, December 7, 2023

News items you should check out: Feb. 23

Since I can’t cover everything, here are some recommended articles from some other sources.

Since I can’t cover everything, I’ll often direct your attention to articles of interest.

° From MacRumors: The iPhone 14 could offer better battery life and feature Wi-Fi 6E connectivity thanks to a new 5G chip, supply chain sources claim.

° From Bloomberg: Apple is ending mask mandates in some of its retail stores.

° From AppleInsider: Microsoft is narrowing the gap between Edge and Apple’s Safari as the second most-used desktop browser in the world, with a change in position potentially happening within months.

° From 9to5Mac: One of Apple’s biggest suppliers is ramping up production to fund six new projects – one of which being wearable devices. It seems Luxshare Precision Industry Company, based in China, may soon be diving into Apple Watch production.

° From The Mac Observer: Those fans hoping for 120Hz ProMotion displays on all iPhone 14 models could be in for a big disappointment, recent leaks suggest.

° From iMore: There’s a new university study trying to understand how bad the AirTag problem is.

° From MacVoices: Is Facebook doing a little too much posturing in the EU? Did Mark Zuckerberg really admit they can’t compete with Apple, blaming their issues on everyone else? The MacVoices Live panel finish up an examination of the latest controversial statements.(Part 2) 

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