New report says the 14-inch (or 15-inch) iPad Pro will arrive ‘in a year or two’

This mock-up of a bigger iPad is courtesy of Line17.

The rumor mill is churning with reports of a 14-inch iPad Pro coming in 2023. In his latest edition of the Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says it won’t arrive anytime soon, but “in the next year or two.”

He also expects Apple to release new 11-inch and 12.9-inch models with M2 chips later this year that work with Stage Manager. They’re code-named J617 and J620. That will let Apple say it has five different iPads that support the interface, versus three today (the current M1 iPad Pros and iPad Air).

When it comes to a 14-inch iPad Pro, display analyst Ross Young tweeted on that, despite other rumors, the super-sized tablet WON’T have ProMotion.

ProMotion is Apple’s name for the adaptive, high refresh rate, 120Hz display first available on the iPad Pro. While a standard refresh rate will update a display 60 times a second (60Hz), the ProMotion’s adaptive 120Hz screen works at twice this speed. This results in smoother scrolling, improved responsiveness and better gaming performance. 

From Ross’ tweet: Confirmed the 14.1″ iPad Pro  is being developed with our supply chain sources. It will have MiniLEDs and ProMotion. Not sure of the timing, but early 2023 may be more likely.

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