New MacVoices Live!: who might be Tim Cook’s eventual successor?


On the new episode of MacVoices Live!, the panel of David Ginsburg, Jim Rea, Frank Petrie, Guy Serle, Kelly Guimont, Warren Sklar, Jeff Gamet, and Mark Fuccio join host Chuck Joiner to discuss Steve Jobs’ influence and influence.

They also look at whom might be the eventually successor to Tim Cook. Finally, the panel looks at: Warren Buffett’s relationship with Apple; stock buy-backs; the G3-powered Mars Rover; what it takes to ready a chip for space; and COVID-19 notification apps.

MacVoices is an Internet show that delivers in-depth discussions with the most influential people in the Mac industry as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Apple community. Founded as an audio program in 2005, the show has evolved into audio and video versions to offer the best of both worlds.

Joiner is the producer and host of MacVoices. You can catch up with what he’s doing on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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