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New Intel chip would be perfect for a Mac targeted to gamers

Intel has announced its lineup of 10th-generation “Comet Lake” desktop processors. I’d expect to see some of ‘em pop up in refreshed (and perhaps redesigned) iMacs later this year.

Especially intriguing is the Core i9-10900K processor, which Intel says is “the world’s fastest gaming processor” with speeds reaching up to a maximum of 5.3GHz with Intel Thermal Velocity Boost out of the box. It features up to 10 cores, 20 threads and DDR4-2933 memory speeds. 

This processor is especially interesting because, in December, the Economic Daily News claimed that Apple will offer a high-end Mac (either an iMac or a MacBook Pro) aimed at gamers — particular esports gamers. The article said the gaming Mac would build on the Apple Arcade service.

Specifically, it will make more immersive gaming experiences possible. I’m a little dubious given the company’s track record on Mac gaming, that Apple will make a desktop (or laptop) targeted to games. We’ll see.

By the way, there are 32 new processors in the Comet Lake line-up. For details, look at this in-depth report from Anandtech.

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