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New Apple Watch ads: Fun, fast, and functional

Apple has released six new Apple Watch ads that are light-hearted, quick (fifteen seconds), and that highlight the capabilities of the Watch in everyday life. The ads focus on the ease and personal touch of using the Watch, focusing on one individual getting help doing something with the assistance of a built-in app.

In this first ad called “Train”, a boxer is shown checking his heart rate while air boxing:

The second ad, “Cycle”, shows the Workout app in use as a young woman finishes a rigorous stationary bike ride:

The next two ads, “Date” and “Sing” demonstrate how useful Messages can be on the Watch:

“Sprinkle” gives viewers a look at how easy it is to use Apple Pay with the Watch:

And in this last ad — “Ride” — a hapless young actress appears to be lost on an endless soundstage on her moped until she asks Siri for directions. 

What’s your favorite of the bunch? I really liked Sprinkle, since paying for goods with my Watch is still amazing to me. Leave your favorite ad choice in the comments.

Steve Sande
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