NeuroRPM receives FDA clearance for its health monitoring app that works with the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 8 image is courtesy of Forbes.

NeuroRPM, a digital health company, says it’s received FDA clearance for NeuroRPM, a product that uses AI and Apple Watch to continuously and passively monitor bradykinesia, tremor, and dyskinesia, the cardinal symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. 

The product includes monitoring capabilities for Parkinson’s disease  and allows for day-to-day tracking of the full range of disease symptoms, according to Co-founder Dr. Alexander Ksendzovsky, also the director of Functional Neurosurgery at the University of Maryland.

He adds that this technology will allow for unprecedented insights into the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease including bradykinesia, tremor, and dyskinesia, using critical health and wellness data from Apple Watch. NeuroRPM is able to assess even slight changes with accuracy comparable to that of a neurologist. This changes the game for the treatment of Parkinson’s patients.

“NeuroRPM will transform the way Parkinson’s disease is monitored and managed. NeuroRPM consists of proprietary algorithms integrated into an Apple Watch app, that collects data passively through the user’s everyday use of the easy-to-use app,” says Ksendzovsky. “The app is a convenient and effective way to continuously monitor symptoms and health metrics of Parkinson’s disease. NeuroRPM is available by prescription, and only uses data from Apple Watch that users have chosen to share with the app.

Dennis Sellers
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