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Need an excellent desktop? RESCUECOM recommends the iMac

While many find that a tablet or a laptop (or, for some, even a phone) is all they need, there are others who want to compute the old fashioned way – on a desktop. David Milman, president of RESCUECOM, a computer repair company, says Apple’s iMac is an ”excellent computer” that’s less than half the price of Microsoft’s Surface Studio (though he recommends the Studio as the best-in-class for desktops over $4,000).

Milman says the latest iteration of the iMac is by far the best to date. The 21.5 inch version comes with a massive 1TB drive, usually reserved for models in a much higher price range. 4K refers to the iMac’s 4K impressive Retina display, which offers a quality of graphics, brightness, color, and clarity most typically found in higher-priced models. 

“It is exceptional, particularly for such a large screen,” says Milman. “Like previous models, the new iMac remains incredibly thin, not to mention lightweight. It is extremely powerful as well as attractive, and it offers a great deal of connectivity with a variety of USB and Thunderbolt ports for more data storage and a memory card slot.”

While it is far less expensive than the Surface Studio, the iMac 4K is still not the cheapest computer out there. However, Milman says its value is far higher than anything else in a similar price range. That makes the best thing about the 21.5 inch iMac 4K the fact that it offers extremely high-end quality and performance at a mid-range price, he adds.

Dennis Sellers
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