Nebo 3.2 and Nebo Viewer: A Great Combo

Nebo 3.2

Nebo is the best note-taking app for iPad and iPad Pro. The developers at MyScript continually add exciting and useful new features to the app. Along with the enhancements in new Nebo 3.2, the company introduced a companion app for iPhone called Nebo Viewer. In today’s article, we’ll show you what’s new and introduce you to Nebo Viewer.

Unfamiliar With Nebo?

New Apple World Today readers may not be familiar with Nebo. Watch this short video to see how the app works:

Nebo lets you mix handwritten notes made with Apple Pencil with typed notes from a keyboard. It’s the only app that lets you mix pen and keyboard through the use of interactive ink.

Need rich content? Nebo allows you to add diagrams. Quickly draw a flowchart with connectors and labels, then convert the rough diagram into a professional-looking result. Write and edit math equations, and Nebo calculates the result or lets you export complex equations as LaTeX or images.

Nebo's annotation tools make marking up any document simple and fast
Nebo’s annotation tools make marking up any document simple and fast

Speaking of images, any image can be imported into a Nebo note, then annotated using Apple Pencil. Want to make a quick sketch to visually explain a concept? Nebo lets you select different colors and line widths while making freeform sketches.

Recent Nebo Updates

The video highlights version 3.0; version 3.1 added a new Markup tool that’s usable in freeform pages, regular pages, and sections. The 3.1 update also added the ability to import Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents directly into Nebo as PDFs ready for markup. 

We all make mistakes, which is why version 3.1 also enhanced the eraser tool. The width and behavior of the eraser are customizable, providing  both precise and stroke erasers.

Nebo 3.2 Enhancements

Nebo 3.2’s enhancements make the best note-taking app even better. To start with, a new multi-page export feature means you can export multiple pages at once. Combine multiple pages into one file and customize the file name as required. 

This is surprisingly useful! Let’s say you wrote pages of notes every class session for a school course. At the end of the semester, export all of those note pages into a summary document. Instead of opening numerous pages, there’s now one document to peruse while studying for final exams.

Export and Share

Sharing that summary document is also easy with Nebo. Notes are exportable as Word documents, PDF files or HTML pages. Any note can also be pasted into other apps as text, editable PowerPoint diagrams, and more formats.

Nebo notes are sharable on the web. If security is required, you can limit access to a specific list of contacts. Anyone you give a unique link to can view your note from any web browser.

Nebo 3.2 includes a new checkbox feature
Nebo 3.2 includes a new checkbox feature

Nebo 3.2 Checkboxes

Using Nebo to write task lists? You’ll love the new checkbox feature! In a Nebo note, create checkboxes that you can tap with your Apple Pencil to indicate completion. A tick mark can be toggled on or off with a simple pencil tap. I find this useful for going through checklists and marking off completed items as they’re done.

New Nebo Viewer for iPhone

MyScript also created a new app for iPhone called Nebo Viewer. This free app is an iPhone companion to Nebo, letting Nebo users browse, search, and share notes from their iPhone. 

Nebo Viewer brings browsing, searching, and sharing of Nebo notes to iPhone
Nebo Viewer brings browsing, searching, and sharing of Nebo notes to iPhone

Since Nebo documents are stored in the cloud (iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive), synchronization of notebooks to iPhone is simple to set up. For the ultimate in portability, notes can be synced over mobile connections. 

Try Nebo 3.2 for Free

iPad and iPad Pro owners can try out Nebo 3.2 at no cost.  This free version lets you create one notebook, perfect for trying out many of the features. 

Once you’re sure that Nebo has boosted your personal productivity, visit the Nebo Store in the app to buy the $7.99 Full Pack of upgrades featuring the Essentials, Share and PDF capabilities. Individual upgrade packs include:

  • Essentials ($1.99): Create unlimited notebooks, search notebooks, and use the built-in customizable dictionary
  • Share ($4.99): Collaborate with others via cloud sync, publish and export
  • PDF ($3.99): PDF import, export and annotation features

Remember to grab your free copy of Nebo Viewer in the App Store while you’re at it!

Not an iPad user? Nebo is also available on pen-enabled devices running Windows, Android and Google Chrome. 

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