Saturday, February 24, 2024

National Park Foundation and partners such as Apple investing $4.1 million in service corps programs

The National Park Foundation has announced that it’s investing more than $4.1 million in service corps programs in fiscal year 2022, including support from Communities and Workforce program partners such as Apple.

“From addressing habitat degradation and invasive species to engaging in trail restoration, service corps are responding to the impacts of climate change in real time,” said Will Shafroth, president and CEO of the National Park Foundation. “In collaboration with the National Park Service and corps partners, the National Park Foundation is helping parks and local communities confront these challenges that ultimately affect all of us.”

During fiscal year 2022, the National Park Foundation is awarding over $4.1 million to service corps projects that highlight the depth and breadth of the National Park System and the myriad ways climate change is impacting parks and local communities. For example, due to increased rainwater runoff and more intense weather events, many service corps are engaging in trail maintenance projects to ensure that park trails remain safe and accessible to visitors while also helping to protect the park’s ecosystem. 

In addition, the National Park Foundation recognizes that socially vulnerable populations are disproportionately exposed to the most severe harms from climate change. As such, the National Park Foundation works with service corps partners who are aware and sensitive to these realities and help equip communities with the resources they need to be more climate resilient.

Dennis Sellers
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