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Nanoleaf unveils integrated, interactive learning series of lighting

Smart lighting company Nanoleaf has unveiled the Nanoleaf Learning Series, an all-in-one intelligent lighting system for your home. It “intuitively learns, senses and reacts to users needs – simplifying the smart home, minimizing any need for adjustments and manual controls (such as voice commands, app controls and scheduling) to go beyond simply a “connected” home to one that is truly smart,” according to the folks at Nanoleaf.

The Learning Series includes a system of products that complement and work in harmony with one another. The core of the series is Nanoleaf’s U-IQTM Technology. Engineered by combining a network of sensors and a proprietary intelligent learning algorithm, U-IQTM Technology enables the system to learn from your behavior and give you the right light, when you need it, and exactly how you want it, says Gimmy Chu, CEO and co-founder of Nanoleaf.

The company will soon introduce a line of interoperable Unified Light Panels, modular smart lights with shape interconnectivity. The first of this line will feature touch-reactive Unified Hexagons with interconnectivity capabilities that enable users the freedom to create all new configurations, from abstract geometric layouts to perfect replicas of their favorite characters and shapes. 

With a low profile and subtly rounded corners, the six-sided Unified Hexagons are made to naturally fit into your home, inviting users to truly tap into their imagination and personalize their lighting designs, says Chu. Hexagons will soon be available for pre-order and will launch in the summer.

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