My misadventures in trying to purchase a new iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 preorders are now shipping to customers. Not mine. As if often the case in trying to get new Apple products, it’s been a — how can I put this nicely? — a challenge.

Note that I get no review products from the tech giant. That’s not a complaint (well, it kinda is), just a fact of life. Every Apple product I own is purchased with my hard-earned cash running Apple World Today.

Anyway, I was up and online at 5 a.m. (Pacific), Friday, Sept. 14, and placed my pre-order using the App Store app on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Things went smoothly at that time and I expected to receive my new smartphone on September 16 (today).

However, I never got an email from Apple confirming the order. So I called Apple’s (very friendly) tech support and told me of my situation. The nice lady had no idea why I hadn’t received an email confirmation, but did find my order number. And she told me that I should receive it between Sept. 28 and Oct. 3.

Needless to say, this didn’t sit well with me as I placed my online order as soon as possible. Plus, I want to review the iPhone 14 Pro Max for AWT.

This morning I went online and found that I could order the model I want and pick it up on Saturday at my local Apple retail store. I canceled my previous order and placed a new one. When trying to pay via Apple Pay, I was told that the listed Apple Card wasn’t associated with my Apple Pay account — even though I’ve been using it for months.

I had to delete my Apple Card from Apple Pay and re-associate it. That done. I finally placed my order. Hopefully, it will indeed be available tomorrow. 

You may face similar issues. Other reported problems:

° From MacRumors: Apple has confirmed that customers activating new iPhones may encounter an issue where device activation during initial setup doesn’t go through on Wi-Fi, saying the problem is “under investigation.”

° From 9to5Mac: iPhone 14 users may experience issues activating iMessage and FaceTime out of the box.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
Dennis Sellers is the editor/publisher of Apple World Today. He’s been an “Apple journalist” since 1995 (starting with the first big Apple news site, MacCentral). He loves to read, run, play sports, and watch movies.


  • I ordered first day of preorder and received an early October delivery date. Then I saw today phones everywhere in my area. I was able to cancel my preorder without issue and purchase one today from a store. Pretty bad that people that preorder a week in advance don’t get their phone before someone walking into the store on release day.

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