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Mujjo’s new Touchscreen Gloves will keep your hands warm and still allow you to use your iPhone or Apple Watch

My hands are always chilly when I’m outdoors this time of year. I’m a runner and now that cold weather is here, I wear gloves when I’m putting in my miles. Alas, wearing gloves makes it difficult to track my workouts with my Apple Watch.

Or it did. Mujjo’s new Touchscreen Gloves keep my mitts toasty when I’m out running or otherwise facing the late fall/winter weather. 

Mujjo introduced its Touchscreen Gloves last year. This year they’ve improved their insulation by adding an extra layer of Polar fleece. Plus, the new thumb construction makes them fully responsive and optimized for larger screens, such as that of my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Mujjo has also expanded its Touchscreen Glove line-up with a re-engineered version able to withstand much colder temperatures. That’s the version I tried, and they kept my hands warm during a 20 degree run.

The outer shell of the new gloves has been upgraded to a wind-resistant, heavier Micro Pique. Then, two extra layers of insulation were added to create a triple-layered construction.

Despite the increased insulation, my iPhone and Apple Watch still responded to my touch while wearing the Touchscreen Glove. Is the response as smooth as a gloveless touch? No, but it’s close.

Mujjo’s gloves are comfortable thanks to a stretch-knit fleece fabric that stretches four ways for a pre-curved fit that tailors to the shape of your hand. The stretch cuff seals snugly around the wrist, and keeps out the cold air.

I’ve had (supposedly) touchscreen compatible gloves before, but these are the only ones I’ve used that work every time. Another nice touch: the Touchscreen gloves are designed with optimized grip lines, made from sticky silicone, and strategically placed on the prevalent parts of your hand that touch your device. This helps keep an iPhone firmly in your grasp even if you’re out in the rain or snow. Of course, you shouldn’t have that pricey smartphone out in such weather without a water resistant or waterproof case, but that’s another matter.

Mujjo’s Touchscreen Gloves are available for order on for $49.90 for the Improved Insulated Touchscreen Gloves and $59.90 for the Double-Insulated Touchscreen Gloves. As my warm hands will tell you, that will be $50 to $60 well spent.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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