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Moshi launches USB-SL: Taking USB to Light Speed!

A lot of product announcements on this first day of April, 2017! Accessory manufacturer Moshi wasted no time in sharing an important product announcement for USB-Speed of Light (USB-SL), the latest generation of USB connectivity. 

Backward-compatible with USB-C, USB-SL provides instantaneous charging of any device it is connected to through the $39.95 2m charging cable. When paired with the $39.95 Ethernet cable, infinite bandwidth and speed is at your fingertips. The USB-SL HDMI adapter ($49.95) and VGA adapter ($34.95) allow viewing of video from any point in time, including the future!

We’ve already written a full review of USB-SL’s capabilities a few weeks from now, and it was already posted in the future. By the way, did you know that Apple World Today becomes a huge media conglomerate in the future? Nice…

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