Monoprice’s DT-3BT desktop speakers offer lackluster audio quality

DT-3BT desktop speakers

The US$99 Monoprice DT-3BT 50-Watt Multimedia Desktop Powered Speakers with Bluetooth is a decent set of desktop speakers for the budget-minded. The price is good, but the sound is only adequate.

They sport 40 watts of Class AB amplification driving 3.5-inch  polypropylene woofers and 0.75-inch silk dome tweeters. However, I”m confused as to why they’re called “DT-3BT 50-Watt Multimedia Desktop Powered Speakers” if they “only” sport 40 watts. In addition to the wireless connectivity using the built‑in Bluetooth radio, they feature three wired options for connecting to a variety of sources.

The 3.5mm unbalanced TRS jack on the front panel allows you to connect to the headphones output on your phone or mp3 player. The unbalanced stereo RCA pair on the rear panel allows you to connect to traditional consumer electronics devices, such as DVD players, while the balanced 1/4-inch stereo pair on the rear panel allows you to connect to professional, balanced audio sources, such as a professional audio mixer. Here are the specs for the DT-3BT speakers: 

  • 3″ polypropylene cone woofers
  • 3/4″ silk dome tweeters
  • 75Hz ~ 20kHz frequency response
  • Class AB amplifiers
  • Each speaker and driver independently amplified
  • 2x 12 watt amplifiers for the woofers
  • 2x 8 watt amplifiers for the tweeters

The high‑output 3.5″ polypropylene woofers and 3/4″ silk dome tweeters are each driven by a dedicated amplifier, with as mentioned. A total of 40 watts of Class AB amplifications.

Okay, so what about the sound quality. It’s not bad, but not great. The bass lacks significant oomph and the midrange is a bit weak. Put the speaker below ear level (where you’re listening at approximately 30-60 degrees above the tweeter axis) and it improves the overall audio experience a bit.

I find the speakers in the Studio Display and 24-inch iMac to be so good, I don’t need external speakers taking up desktop space. If you do need such speakers and are on a budget, the DT-3BT is a decent buy. However, I’d recommend spending an addition $50 and getting the Bose Companion 2 Computer Speaker System.

Review overview

Sound quality5.1
Connectivity options9.1

The Pros

  • Decent price
  • variety of connectivity options
  • one-year replacement warranty

The Cons

  • Lackluster sound
  • bland design


7.4The DT-3BT is a so-so desktop speaker system for those on a very tight budget.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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