Monitor’s 40in CrystalPro Ultrawide USB-S Monitor offers a lot of screen for the buck

But you’ll have to deal with some audio issues when using it with a Mac

The Apple Studio Display, 16-inch MacBook Pro, and 40in CrystalPro Ultrawide USB-S Monitor.

If you need a BIG computer monitor at a extremely budget-friendly price, Monoprice’s massive new 40in CrystalPro Ultrawide USB-C Monitor is only US$549.99 — and, as I write this, you can even get one for only $384.99. That said, it’s not as Mac friendly as I’d like.

The CrytalPro boasts a 40-inch QHD IPS panel with a 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and HDR600 support. The refresh rate makes it a fine monitor for gaming as Apple’s standalone displays and the iMac “only” have a 60Hz refresh rate. This means they’re fine for casual gaming, but not for high-end gaming. The Monoprice monitor’s 144Hz refresh rate helps eliminate motion blur and makes for smooth transitions.

First, let’s look at the things that make the CrystalPro worth your consideration. Obviously, the screen real estate is a factor. Forty inches may be too much screen real estate for some folks, but if you want a super-sized monitor, you won’t find one at a better price.

The image quality is very good with accurate colors and wide viewing angles. HDR600 offers vibrant and lifelike visuals with exceptional brightness and contrast. And the CrystalPro boasts a wide color gamut: NTSC 105%, DCI‑P3 95%, sRGB 99%, and Adobe RGB 89%.

It offers USB Type-C connectivity with 90W of power, so, as with the Apple Studio Display, it can power your Mac laptop. Its ergonomic, height-adjustable stand is another nice touch. 

Monoprice’s rystalPro Ultrawide USB-S Monitor

However, my main misgiving about the CrystalPro is issues with the sound, Its built-in speakers are muffled and tinny. I wasn’t able to adjust the volume using the macOS Settings whether the display was attached via USB-C or DisplayPort. 

I find the Studio Display speakers fantastic and don’t feel the need for external speakers. However, you’ll want to spring for some to use with the CrystalPro — which means more of your desktop real estate will be occupied. Of course, if you’re using a 40-inch display, desktop real estate probably isn’t an issue.

The Crystal Pro has decent aesthetics. It’s not as elegant as the Studio Pro, but it has a sleek, modern design with slim bezels. And the Monoprice monitor is one-third the price of the Apple display.

If you need a humongous computer monitor and have enough space on your desk for a 40-inch display and some external speakers (as well as, of course, your Mac and its accessories), go for it. However, if you have limited desk real estate and a bit more money to spend, I’d check out Samsung’s offerings. 

Apple World Today rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★.5

Dennis Sellers
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