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Mini-review: Case•Mate’s Hook Ups cases for Apple’s AirPods

Along with a new collection of Case•Mate cases, the brand has also given us some new Hook Ups for Apple’s AirPods.

The $20 cases have a slim fit design that provide good grip-ability, which is useful, though not as essential as with an iPhone case. They also come with an earbud strap, circular ring clip, and Lighting port access.

The Hook Ups are compatible with AirPods that have a wireless charging case and work with both the first and second generation of the earbuds. They’re are available in a variety of designs, including (from my favorite to least favorite): Aqua Blue, Kodak, Fuchsia Dark Pink, and Sheer Crystal Pink. There are other designs available, but those are the “flavors” of the models I reviewed.

The Hook Ups work exactly as promised and have a lifetime warranty. And at $20 a pop, there’s little not to like.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

Dennis Sellers
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