Meraki Go’s Router Firewall Plus is a good option for small businesses

Not everyone wants the challenge of setting up their own router in a home office. However, if you’re not one of them, Meraki Go‘s Router Firewall Plus (GX50) is a good choice (no subscriptions!)— although setting it up isn’t as easy as promised.

The folks at Meraki Go says you can set it up in under 10 minutes using the Meraki Go app (for iOS and Android) or the Meraki Go web portal, though it took me longer (about 45 minutes). 

You’ll have to install the Meraki Go app on your iPhone or iPad, create an account, enter the Meraki order number so that the cloud app can find your products, and then follow the instructions to make any configuration changes you think necessary. You’ll need to name the network and decide if you want to set up a guest network.

Still, once you’re set up and running you can adjust traffic limits and block websites. The app and web portal also provide insights on network usage in real-time, which is convenient if you’re running a business from home.

You should note that if a modem is required by your ISP, you’ll need service and a modem in order to connect to the internet and enable Meraki Go devices to work. Check out how it works. If your ISP only requires a router (e.g. for fiber internet), you’ll only need service from them, and can directly plug the Ethernet port into your Meraki Go Router Firewall for Internet access.

Powered by Cisco, the GX50 features upgraded capabilities including enterprise-grade security, secure client VPN, and 500+ Mbps throughput, all while still taking under 10 minutes to set up with no IT experience needed.

Apart from the built-in enterprise security powered by Cisco, which has automatic firmware and security updates, the Router Firewall Plus comes equipped with a secure client VPN. (FYI: some researchers claims that VPNs on iOS devices are “broken.”)

The GX50 is equipped with a USB port, a WAN ethernet port that can be connected to a modem for Internet access, and four LAN Ethernet ports, so it offers plenty of connectivity options.

The Meraki Go GX50 The Router Firewall Plus is available now on and for US$299. The price is in line with competing products. Plus, no licensing or subscription fees are required by Meraki Go.

Review overview

Ease of implementation7.1

The Pros

  • No subscription required
  • Good throughput
  • Lots of connectivity options

The Cons

  • Not as easy to set up as promised


8.7The Meraki Go GX50 is a business class security gateway that’s relatively easy to set up.

Dennis Sellers
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