Meraki Go Launches ‘WiFi 6’ Indoor and Outdoor Access Points

Meraki Go has launched its WiFi 6 Indoor and Outdoor Access Points. Designed for any small to midsize business, the new indoor (GR12) and outdoor (GR62) Access Points are purportedly up to 3 times faster than previous models and provide 2 times the capacity as before. 

Powered by Cisco, they also give businesses an even stronger signal and longer range than ever before. The Access Points boasts automatic firmware and security updates.
With the addition of WiFi 6, these Access Points are, according to the folks at Meraki Go, capable of connecting up to 100 devices without losing speed and utilize Target Wake Time (TWT), saving power and battery life for connected devices.

The indoor and outdoor Access Points both offer specialized needs for business owners. The outdoor (GR62) access point is equipped with IP67-rated protection against tough weather and environments. It’s especially designed for any business that has outdoor seating for customers. Both Access Points wirelessly mesh with other Access Points for extended WiFi coverage. 

 Set-up involves scanning a QR code in the Meraki Go mobile app.  Both the cloud-managed Meraki Go app and web portal offer customizability and key insights on business and guest usage. Meraki Go Access Points provide insights on real-time network usage and foot traffic. 

Also, there is no monthly subscription or licensing fees.  The WiFi 6 Access Points are available now on for US$175. For more info, go to

Dennis Sellers
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