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Marty Edwards’ predictions for 2020

There will be a new iPhone in September, as well as iOS 14. This is pretty much a given. I do hope the new iPhone will have either a 90 or 120Hz screen refresh rate. 

I have long hoped that Apple would become its own cell service provider. I don’t expect them to build out an infrastructure. I would like them to become an MVNO, utilizing the cell towers of other providers. I now think Apple might do this, but with a rumored satellite network. If Apple does this in the next few years, it will change how we use our iPhones with coverage everywhere on earth

I would like to see Apple offer an all-in-one subscription service. We can now purchase iPhones interest free with the Apple Card. I would like to see an iPhone, Arcade, Music, News, Apple TV, and all their services offered as one easy subscription. If they do offer cell service in the future, that could be included.

There will be a new macOS, probably a new iPad and Apple Watch. 

2020 will hopefully offer 20-20 vision of where Apple is going. Wherever Apple does go, I know we’ll go along and enjoy the journey.

Marty Edwards
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