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Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection extended to the Mac

Malwarebytes, a malware prevention and remediation solution, has announced the extension of its  endpoint protection to support on Macs. Businesses with Mac computers can benefit from Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection powered by the Malwarebytes Cloud Platform, according to CEO Marcin Kleczynski. 

Based on Malwarebytes telemetry, malware targeting Mac operating systems more than doubled from 2016 to 2017. In the year 2017 alone, Mac threats increased more than 270 percent. New threats identified in the first two months of 2018 indicate a similar pace of malware development, says Kleczynski.

 With Mac Endpoint Protection, a single dashboard unites Endpoint Protection for both macOS and Windows Windows and Mac computers for use by the system administrator. Mac EP doesn’t require a constant connection to the cloud platform, meaning users are still protected when they’re not connected.

Enterprise compliance programs may safely incorporate Macs with Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection on board as a validated, next-generation PCI DSS-Validated replacement for traditional antivirus (AV) solutions, according to Kleczynski. 

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection, built on the Malwarebytes platform, is an endpoint security solution featuring layers of detection technologies with a unified endpoint agent. The new Anomaly Detection Engine has been integrated into Malwarebytes’ layered approach to security. 

Malwarebytes’ Anomaly Detection layer, provides real-time, signature-less detection against new and unknown threats by modeling known trusted files rather than attempting to model historical malware samples. Integrated into the layered approach of detection are techniques for both pre- and post-execution. For details on Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection, click here.

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