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Make sure you get the right 5G iPad Pro for your country and network

PCMag lead mobile and 5G analyst, Sascha Segan, has reported on the new iPad Pro’s various 5G compatibilities. The new Apple tablet has three subtly different 5G varieties, making it important to get the right iPad for your country and network. According to Segan:

  • For these iPads, Apple is taking a popular path by having some models with millimeter-wave 5G and some without. MmWave hardware tends to add a lot of cost to a device, and it’s not used much outside the U.S.
  • All three U.S. carriers have some mmWave networks. Verizon’s is the most comprehensive, covering parts of more than 60 cities.
  • There are four different global slices of mmWave right now, and the iPads only support the ones used by the U.S.
  • Even if your non-US country has mmWave, the U.S. mmWave iPads probably won’t work on your mmWave network.
  • The one future-proofing gap for the three big U.S. networks appears to be 5G CBRS, which carriers have discussed using but no one has implemented yet. 

To see the 3 iPad Pro models available and where they’re compatible with 5G, read the PCMag article.

Dennis Sellers
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