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Make Remote Collaboration Easier with PassCamp Password Manager for Teams

Most password manager apps have a problem — they focus on a single user’s passwords. What if you need to share a set of passwords between team members? That’s why PassCamp exists, and we have a lifetime subscription to this powerful and secure app for just $49.99, 87% OFF of the regular price of $389.40.

Most other password managers were built with the focus on individual users and only had teams functionality added on top of that. With PassCamp, it’s different. From the very first day, the focus was easy and efficient password management in teams. PassCamp password manager features zero-knowledge proof, end-to-end encryption and other security technologies that help you to safely keep and share sensitive information. With password storage, login autofill, password generator, secure password sharing, history log, admin console, user roles, unlimited guests, and more functions, PassCamp is a game-changing cloud-based password manager for teams and enterprises. 

  • Generate strong new passwords, stores them in one highly-protected, encrypted & hacker-proof place

  • Automatically input your usernames & passwords into website login fields

  • Shared passwords w/ customized permissions & access

  • Updates from the passwords you have shared with others – edits, shares, dates of modification, as well as the newest & old versions of the passwords, and notes

  • Search & filter your passwords based on who shared them with you, their title or date added

  • Easily add new team members, manage their access and reset passwords – all with just a few clicks

  • Enable two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security

  • Add guests (such as contractors, clients, freelancers) to your team & share passwords outside your team in a secure way

  • Setup a unique login address (URL) for your team, so your team members will be able to access their team passwords in just a few clicks

This plan is only available to new users of PassCamp. If your team needs to share passwords to servers or online resources, PassCamp is the only way to go. You may never see a deal like this again!

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