Saturday, December 9, 2023
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MagicMount Wall Charger offers an attractive way to dock an iDevice to a wall socket

Scosche’s $29.99 MagicMount Wall Charger lets you dock a mobile device such as an iPhone 7/7 Plus to a wall socket. That’s pretty handy, as it helps alleviate cord clutter and entanglements.

The MagicMount Wall Charger is built with “rare-earth” neodymium magnets that the folks at Scosche say won’t damage an iPhone or iPad even while maintaining a tight grip on the devices. Even if the magnets won’t damage iDevices, they can hurt hard disk drives. So don’t place the Wall Charger in, for example, a laptop with an hard drive. 

The 12W (2.4A) Perfect Charge USB port automatically detects and charges phones and tablets at the correct rate which ensures safe, fast charges. (The latest iPads charge at 12 watts.) The cradle-free design also also lets you position a device’s screen for optimal viewing. 

I’m not sure how important a feature the latter is if you have your iDevice plugged into a power outlet since most outlets are below knee level. That is, unless you’re using it in the kitchen, where wall outlets are normally much higher on the wall above countertops.

To use the MagicMount Wall Charger, you’ll need to install thee MagicPlate is a small adhesive metal plate that attaches to your iDevice. You can choose to apply the adhesive plate directly to your gadget, under the battery cover, or to the outside of the case. I’d be careful with this, as I’m very cautious about using adhesives with my iPhone or iPad. Anyway, once the MagicPlate is applied, just hover your device near the magnetic surface and it instantly locks in place.

The MagicMount Wall Charger’s surface is covered by a non-scratch silicon pad so won’t scratch your iPhone or iPad. The wall charger ships with a large and small MagicPlate metal plate to accommodate different size devices.

You can combine the MagicMount Wall Charger with other MagicMount products, such as the MagicMount Pro Window/Dash or MagicMount Surface, for a cradle-free system for mounting iDevices neatly and wirelessly while on the road or at home.

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