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MacX MediaTrans: The Fastest, Most Secure Way to Transfer Data Between iPhone, iPad and Mac

Recently, a friend of mine asked me for advice. He is going on a long international trip and wanted to move all of the photos and videos on his iPhone 11 onto his Mac to free up space and safely back up the entire device. Without hesitation, I recommended that he use MacX MediaTrans as the fastest way to get his imagery to his Mac. Today we’ll take a look at MacX MediaTrans and its many features, as well as give Apple World Today readers an opportunity to get the lifetime version of the app at 50% off.

Why Use MacX MediaTrans Instead of Built-in macOS Features?

Why did I suggest using MacX MediaTrans instead of the built-in features? For a number of reasons, not the least of which is that my friend Chuck had over 41,000 pictures, Live Photos, and 4K videos to move to his Mac. Chuck spends a lot of time traveling overseas and doesn’t always have a good Internet connection available, so he doesn’t use iCloud Photos for backup. Now, what are my reasons for suggesting MacX MediaTrans?

1 – MacX MediaTrans is the fastest way to transfer large photos and videos to Mac.  

4K video files can be huge! Back in the days of 720p Phone video, a minute-long recording would fill up about 60MB of storage. Now iPhone videographers love to shoot in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second for the best possible quality, and that one minute of video would  take up 400MB of storage, even using the efficient HEVC file format.

Transferring many files of that size from an iPhone to a Mac can be dreadfully slow. Panoramic photos can take up as much as 16MB per image and Live Photos up to 4MB per image, slowing the process down even more. 

Using MacX MediaTrans, files are quickly transferred via USB / USB-C to the Mac. How fast? Let’s say you have 100 Live Photos you ned to move. MacX MediaTrans transfers them to Mac in just 8 seconds. Long before iCloud is even just beginning to figure out how to move your files, MacX MediaTrans is finished.

2 – MacX MediaTrans Converts Photos to JPG format on Mac for Better Compatibility

While it’s transferring your files from iPhone or iPad to Mac, MacX MediaTrans automatically converts your photos from the iOS/iPadOS HEIC format to the more common JPG format. Maybe this doesn’t sound important, but have you tried sharing HEIC image files with PC users? Many of them can’t open the more efficient HEIC files, so conversion of the images to the universally-accepted JPG format is necessary.

3 – Easily Delete Single Images From Your Camera Roll

Many iPhone users find it difficult to remove images from the iPhone’s camera roll by tapping on that tiny trash can button or having to search through all of their images in the Mac Photos Library just to get rid of one. 

MacX MediaTrans makes easy and fast work of deleting individual images in the camera roll that may be out-of-focus, duplicates, or poorly exposed. 

4 – Manage Your iPhone / iPad Photos By Category

Many iPhone and Mac users complain to me about the odd categories that Photos uses to try to organize images. While categorizing photos and videos by people and places might make sense to Apple, a lot of iPhone and Mac owners want a way to organize photos by a specific trip, event or type. 

MacX MediaTrans excels in that area as well, by letting you group your iPhone photos in your own choice of categories for easier and more understandable management. 

Move Video To or From Your iPhone or iPad

Like watching movies on your iPhone or iPad? MacX MediaTrans automatically converts and transfers just about every video format available to your iPhone. You can feel good about carrying your video library with you everywhere thanks to the high quality video compression that the app does, reducing files sizes up to 50% without any loss of quality. 

Don’t want your videos available to anyone but yourself? No problem! MacX MediaTrans encrypts files using the strongest encryption technologies available, making sure that anyone who gets their hands on your Mac can’t just watch those family videos.

A Fast and Secure Way to Back Up Your iPhone Before You Switch to an iPhone 11

Have you made the switch to an iPhone 11 yet? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on speed and new features (including the 3-lens camera on the iPhone 11 Pro). Before you move to a new iPhone, it’s highly recommended that you back up your old device, making it easy to restore and also creating an archive of your data at a particular point in time.

I’ve already mentioned that MacX MediaTrans is the fastest way to move files from iPhone or iPad to your Mac, but the app also provides an added benefit — it can encrypt your personal files and media on the fly, keeping them safeguarded on your Mac. 

Manage and Transfer Music Files Easily

Perhaps you miss the ease of use of the old iTunes, before Apple added so many features that it became almost unusable. With MacX MediaTrans, you can sync music between your Mac and iPhone in seconds.

The app gives you unparalleled control over playlists. Create, edit, and delete playlists in an easy-to-understand user interface, without any artificial limits. MacX MediaTrans also makes it incredibly easy to modify artists, albums, tracks and genres in batches. 

As Steve Jobs used to say, “One more thing…” — MacX MediaTrans also has the tools to let you make your own custom ringtones, then transfer them to the iPhone.

Turn Your iPhone or iPad Into a Secret USB Drive 

There’s one more feature of MacX MediaTrans that is worth mentioning. Do you need to transfer files between a Mac at work and one at home? You can use the app to store any file — PDF, .XLSX, .DOCX, even app files — securely on your iDevice. 

Why take a chance on losing a USB flash drive when you can use your iPhone or iPad for file transfer instead?

Get 50% Off On The Lifetime Version of MacX MediaTrans

If you’re like my friend Chuck and you think MacX MediaTrans sounds like the perfect way to back up an iPhone and transfer video, photos and other data to a Mac, then I’ve got a great deal for you. Apple World Today has teamed with Digiarty Software to get you a discount — 50% off of the lifetime version of MacX MediaTrans

That discount slashes the usual price tag of $59.95 down to just $29.95. If you’re still not sure MacX MediaTrans is right for your needs, you can download and try the app for free. 

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