Thursday, February 29, 2024
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MacUpdater Keeps All Your Mac Apps Up-To-Date

For Mac owners who have a lot of apps, keeping up with all of the updates can be a challenge. There’s not just one way to obtain Mac apps — they can come from the Mac App Store or from individual developer websites. Even more vexing is the fact that not all apps use the same update process.

 MacUpdater makes easy work of keeping your Mac apps up-to-date by constantly scanning them, then notifying you of available updates. MacUpdater then downloads and installs many updates with a single click.  Cybersecurity professionals note that keeping apps updated to the latest versions is one of the key tools for maintaining a secure environment.

MacUpdater doesn’t just keep an eye on updates for a handful of Mac apps. It detects updates for over 35,000 apps, and can automatically update more than 5,000 apps for you.  The MacUpdater team at CoreCode has created a website — MacUpdater.Net — that anyone can visit to see what updates have been released on any day.

What if MacUpdater can’t auto-update an app for you? No problem! It can launch proprietary updaters such as those used for Adobe products, launch apps with built-in updaters, or open a web page for an update download. 

Any app that may have been added to or removed from the Mac App Store is highlighted in MacUpdater, and it even points out apps that have received new names or have been replaced with successor apps. 

How much does all of this cost you? If you’d just like to discover what updates are available for your Mac, MacUpdater is — and will always be — free. Updating up to 10 apps automatically is also free. To update more than 10 apps fully automatically requires a one-time $9.99 (€9.99) purchase. There’s no repeating subscription, and you have total privacy as you’ll never need to register MacUpdater.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? We’re going to offer you a discount to seal the deal. For our readers, just enter the promo code APPLEWORLDTODAY at checkout and receive a 10% discount on a one-time purchase of MacUpdater. 

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