MacPaw launches charity draw of the WWDC19 pin with the Ukrainian flag

Sergii Kryvoblotsky, technological R&D lead at MacPaw, has launched a charity draw of the original pin from Worldwide Developer Conference19 with the Ukrainian flag. 

All funds raised will go to MacPaw Development Fund to provide Ukrainian defenders with the latest technological solutions for tactical medicine and protective equipment.  

The draw will take place on Twitter through June 24th, 2022.

To join the raffle, you have until today to:

On Thursday, June 24th, via, Sergii will choose the winner who gets the pin.

Why today?

  • June 22nd, is the Day of Sorrow and Remembrance of Victims of War in Ukraine. We honor those who fought for their native country in 1941-1945 and whose lives were taken by WWII. Now this day has acquired a double meaning. 80 years later, Ukrainians are forced to bravely stand up to the enemy again. And in this fight, Ukraine needs support.
  • On June 6-10 the annual WWDC22 was held offline for the first time in the last three years. However, the war did not allow most Ukrainian developers to attend this or other international tech conferences. Instead of advancing the technological world, Ukrainians are forced to defend their country, each on their own front. The symbolic pin from WWDC19 became a reminder of a quiet life and freedom in planning the future.
Dennis Sellers
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