macOS Ventura looks promising, but still no iCloud backup for Macs

macOS Ventura looks very promising. However, I’m disappointed that the update won’t add iCloud back-up for the Mac.

One of the things that’s extremely convenient in the Apple ecosystem is the ability to back up your iPhone and iPad files to iCloud. Among other advantages: this makes moving your data to a new smartphone or tablet very easy. Now it’s time for iCloud back-up for the Mac.

Why hasn’t Apple hasn’t already done this? It’s a no-brainer, and could add a little more profit to their ever-growing list of Apple Services.

Currently, my (and probably your) Mac back-up strategy is using Time Machine for local files and iCloud for offsite back-ups of Documents, Desktop, and Photos. However, as 9to5Mac has noted: “This strategy doesn’t seem like the best fit for customers in 2019, though. Restoring from a Time Machine backup is fast, but it also relies on a single drive. What if that drive fails or is stolen? Restoring from iCloud means that you still have to reinstall all of your applications manually and set up all of your preferences again.”

I want an iCloud option similar ago that for my iPhone and iPad. Apple offers iCloud storage in different tiers/pricing; I’m willing to pay for the online storage for all Mac files. This would offer double back-up protection: Time Machine and full back-up in iCloud. (Bradley Chambers offers some good ideas on how this would work in the previously mentioned 9to5Mac article.)

If you want to make sure that your files are ultra-protected, off-site backup is necessary. Currently, iCloud storage isn’t sufficient to back up an entire Mac (at least not mine). However, as I said, I’d be willing to pay for more iCloud storage as it would be worth the peace of mind it would provide.

Dennis Sellers
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