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Mac with Apple-designed processor coming in the first half of 2021 (‘Project Star,’ perhaps?)

In a note to clients — as noted by MacRumors — analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says a Mac with an Apple-made processors is coming in the first half 2021. He doesn’t offer details. 

Chances the rumor is true, according to the Sellers Research Group (that’s me): 96%. It’s just been a matter of time before Apple began making processors for the Mac, although some pundits were expecting to see such a device in late 2020.

Most likely it will be an ARM-based consumer laptop, the first in a long-term transition from Intel, followed by pro laptops, then desktops.

Or the ARM Mac could be “Project Star,” which a May 2018 9to5Mac article referenced. The report said that prototypes have been in production since 2018 and that the gadget will have a touch screen, a SIM card slot, GPS, compass, is water resistant and it also runs EFI (the boot system used by Macs). 

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