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Love to binge-watch streaming video? You’ll enjoy our deals on movieSPREE!

What’s more perfect than to spend a cold wintry weekend on the couch binge-watching video? If that’s your idea of a great time, we have just the deal for you — bundles of videos for endless hours of bingeing from movieSPREE, all priced at just $25.49 if you use promo code BFSAVE15 at checkout. Native movieSPREE apps for iOS and tvOS are available.

There are bundles to keep everybody in the family engaged for hours:

Our Beautiful & Mysterious World – Enjoy documentaries (two of them from IMAX) featuring amazing NASA footage, plus two fun UFO docuseries.

Legends of Laughter – Need something to cheer you up? This collection will keep you laughing with more than 150 hours of epic movies. Enjoy the entire Beverly Hillbillies series, the antics of Laurel & Hardy or Martin & Lewis, the Three Stooges, Betty White, or comedy classics from Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and more.

Retro Toon Boom – More than a hundred hours of retro cartoons from the 80s, including such favorites as Archie’s Weird Mysteries, C.O.P.S., Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Horseland, and Street Sharks.

A Chronicle of U.S. Wars – History buffs will love this collection, featuring over 140 hours of informative video on five major U.S. conflicts including the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War.

200 Movie Mayhem – Do you love schlock? Those movies that are so bad, they’re good? This bundle includes over 300 hours of classic horror films. While this is a little late for this year’s Halloween party, you can get ready for next year!

Remember to use the promo code BFSAVE15 to bring the price of each bundle down to $25.49. Oh, and start popping the popcorn!

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